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About me…

Born in Budapest, I am truly proud of my Hungarian roots and heritage. It has & will always enrich my outlook in life and my photography.

In my later years my family moved to Leeds, West Yorkshire, just down the road from Coronation Street….(cuppa teas all year round!).


I then studied History of Art at York Uni, which was not only great fun, but honed my artistic eye by looking back to the great masters in history.

My travels then took me half way round the world to a new life in New Zealand. I met my husband, Gilly here and am blessed to call his family a part of mine now.

I am now settled in the the beautiful Hokianga by Harbour.  A spiritual place, a place of homecoming, vibrant art & craft, I try never to take it for granted….

The Hokianga is a daily inspiration to my photography, not just in the landscape and breathtaking views, but in the lovely people hidden amongst its wilderness.

My photography…

My vision….

My goal…

My gear…

I work with a Nikon D610 camera, with a variety of professional level lenses, accessories & gadgets in my bag. Every job requires a different approach, which is why I keep my equipment up to date, expanding my collection as I go (just don’t tell the hubby).

My home is my office, where I while away my hours editing on my Mac. All images are professionally processed using Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom to create a finished product suited for your requirements.







My recent work

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